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Squiretown Park
Hampton Bays added to
STPS's Hikes 2012
One of the many  
old tent platforms
Southampton Trails Preservation Society
work party in preparation for inagural hike on
June 2, 2012.
CAMP TEKAWITHA - Squiretown Park

Town of Southampton's purchase from the Girl Scouts of Nassau County.

The town paid $16.5 million for Camp Tekakwitha, 65 acres along the Great Peconic Bay, with money from its
Community Preservation Fund. Money in the fund comes from a 2 percent tax on the sale of real estate or vacant land.

Donna Giancontieri, a spokeswoman for the town supervisor, Patrick A. Heaney, said that Southampton was eager to
preserve the area, which is residentially zoned, as a family beach. ''The camp could have been subdivided for houses,
she said.
Award by President Glorian Berk at the
Annual STPS Fundraisng Dinner on Feb.28, 2013

Southampton Trails Preservation Society (STPS) and the Town of Southampton are pleased to announce  the opening of the
Hamlet to Hamlet Footpaths.  The ribbon cutting, seen in the accompanying photo occurred on everyone.

The genesis for the Hamlet to Hamlet Footpaths came from Tony Garro during a walking trip to southwest trails system in
England that take walkers from village to village.  Looking at the existing trail system within the Town of Southampton, STPS
realized that some of these trails could be repurposed to walk from hamlet to hamlet.

Thanks to the foresight of many, the Town of Southampton has a large array of walking trails pieced together from Town and
County open space, CPF purchased land, and the Nature Conservancy.  Using these existing trails, a group of STPS members
planned routes from hamlet to hamlet, created and installed a unique blaze system, and with the assistance of the Town’s GIS
department, developed a map of the Hamlet to Hamlet Footpaths.  

The initial footpaths link Mashashimuet Park to Bridgehampton at Lumber Lane and from Mashashimuet Park to Noyac at Trout
Pond.  Scheduled for completion in 2015 are links to Elliston Park in North Sea and Southampton Village.  Walkers on these
footpaths will encounter the unique Long Pond Greenbelt, the glacial terminal moraine and the outwash plains.   

The hike from Mashashimuet Park to Bridgehampton is 3.7 miles passing through the Greenbelt along Long and Crooked Ponds,
then following the old railroad right of way to Lumber Lane.  The hike to Noyac is 5.3 miles crossing from the Greenbelt into the
Mulvihill Preserve and then over the top of the moraine to Trout Pond.
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30th Anniversary Party  
STPS is participating in the LINO conference.

Feel free to attend this important environmental